About The Book

Within us all, is something wonderful, something inspirational, something artistic and quite possibly divine. This side of ourselves is something beyond what we do for a living, or what society expects of us; instead, this beauty within is what we can call ours, Intuitive With. And through this, we can live our lives to the fullest of our potential. Let us discover this beauty within you through your journey in the pages of the intuitive within, and bring to the surface the greatest you that you’ve ever imagined possible.

INTUITIVE SELF: “What one FEELS to be TRUE for ONESELF regardless of reasoning or logic

Who Is This For?

This book is meant for people from all walks of life, for those who would like to re-acquaint with their true selves, to those who would want to change their life to focus more on their passions and truths. To even those who would like to synergize their jobs with the more meaningful things in life. There is something for everyone within the Intuitive Within!


Looking to Discover your Intuitive Truths?

The First chapter of the intuitive within offers you the reader powerful yet easy to understand tools and exercise to help differentiate between who you ARE, and who the world has expected you to be and gives the power back to you to choose what you would wish to be in the future to come.


Looking to make a transition?

From a job you hate, to a vocation you love? From a belief that is not yours to one you are willing to dedicate your life to? From an existence focused on income to one focused on fulfillment the Intuitive within gives you the means necessary to change what you don’t want in your everyday life in lieu of a reality you wish to live by.

Looking to take your Passions up a notch?

Could you ever imagine that you can earn and earn well from what you are most passionate about? If not the intuitive within is perfect for you. We will show you within what you can do to slowly create a demand for your passions should you wish to take it to the next level!

What’s in the book?

Within the pages of the Intuitive within you will be given powerful yet effective tools and exercises meant to filter out anything that does not correspond to your personal truth, while celebrating that which is true within you. In order to make your truth, passions and expressions more in alignment with your own “intuitive self” and making your inner truths more and more of a reality every day.

As Seen On

Robert Rubins contributions to the Intuitive community in the Philippines has been featured on several forms of media inclusive of:

Magic 89.9
Matang Lawin
The Sweet Life
Jam 88.3
Monster Radio
Love ni Mister at Misis
Day Off
Patrol ng Pilipino

What clients say about the book

In “The Intuitive Within”, Robert has created a contemporary and accessible guide to explore your authentic self. Not only that, but he takes us beyond the simple label of “intuition” to actually connect more fully to our true potential through a comprehensive series of simple yet profound exercises

Marcus Katz

Author of the MAGISTER and co-author, Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot & Other Titles.

The Intuitive Within is a lighthearted and heartfelt guide for a world in which so many talented individuals are trapped by their own trepidation. It serves as a rejection of conformity for its own sake, and a deeply felt call to live authentically.

Carlo Rivera

Teacher and Pilot

Having read his book, I realized that there are things beyond knowing yourself. I realized that intuition is not supernatural; it is rather an essential part of who you are. I understood more about intuition and because of that, I established TRUST in my own. I put more trust in myself. This became a sort-of an overhaul of my own mind and body. It became more inlined, more toned. I always believe that your highest INTENTION matters most and it fuels your actions. With the help of the discovery of my INTUITIVE WITHIN, I can sense more clearly now.

If you want a change in your life NOW, read this book.

Justin Piñon

Mentalist/Body Language and Persuasion Lecture

Who’s the people behind the book

Robert Rubin

Robert Rubin


Robert Rubin is a professional tarot teacher and consultant at the Mysterium Philippines learning Centre, one of the first independent contemporary Intuitive training centre in the Philippines. As the Founder of Mysterium Philippines,(www.mysteriumphilippines.org) he has helped grow the Mysterium community to becoming the largest professional tarot organisation in the country. He has personally instructed dozens of classes in the fields of Intuitive development and the Tarot since 2006 while dedicating the remainder of his focus as a professional Tarot consultant for over 20 years now. He is happily married to his wife Sarah the resident Reiki Master of Mysterium Philippines and has 2 wonderful children Jacob and Nicole.

Sarah Rubin

Sarah Rubin


A loving wife, and mother of two, Sarah Salcedo-Rubin has dedicated her life to the study of practice of energy healing. She started her journey in 2008 as a Reiki healer, when she received her Reiki Master Teacher status from Reiki Master Aisa Hewlett, due to the large number of successful Reiki healing she administered during her early days.

Soon after, Sarah, along with her husband Robert Francis Rubin, formed Mysterium Philippines, where she spearheaded the Energy Healing Education department and successfully made Reiki Energy Healing the official Energy Healing modality of the Mysterium Community.

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