We are proud to introduce you to The Intuitive Within! It was with great pride that Mysterium Philippines founder and author of #TheIntuitiveWIthin Mr. Robert Rubin gave the opening remarks and history of how the intuitive within came to be during the exclusive book launch last May 27th 2016.

Rob shared that after his underperforming first book was released, that he pretty much threw in the towel as a writer. In a touching brief story Rob shared that he didnt have any further aspirations to write for nearly 4 years until an unexpected turn of events brought him to the attetion of what he called “a breadcrumb trial from the universe that led back to his passion of writing”

It was during a birthday Tarot session between Rob and his student Olyflor that he was told of a book by Julia Cameron called “The Artists Way” and how she shared that through this book you would be re-connected to the spiritual creative within after 12 weeks.

Well for Rob it only took 11 weeks for on that monumental day he opened his trusty alienware laptop and began the process of sharing his inspiration which soon formed into The Intuitive WIthin.

Rob also shared that within us all is something magical, something pure, something divine and that in the drudgery of everyday life we forget that it is this “Intuitive Truth or Expression” that we should live our lives towards and that this book was inspired by the Intutiive Transition of his beloved Wife Sarah who transitions from a coporate job to a career leading the Mysterium Philippines Reiki healing programs.

The opening talks were concluded by an outstanding peformance by Leading Filipino Mentalist Mr Justin Pinon where he in the most amazing fashion channeled his own inner Intuitive expression to entertain all the guest and friends of Mysteirum Philippines