How many of you hear that the thing you love the most is IMPOSSIBLE. It usually starts this way and is followed by a slew of un-necessary comments from others….

  • That’s Impossible!!!
  • Quit Dreaming!!
  • Who do you think you are?!
  • You? of all people?? Ha!!!
  • You trying to live the dream?
  • you having delusions of grandeur?
  • IN you’re dreams!!!

    From the Greatest himself

    From the Greatest himself

You ever hear this crap before? It usually comes when you share with someone a dream or a goal of yours who instead of supporting you choses to

  1. Get in your way
  2. Not see themselves capable of something similar
  3. Envy the fact that you want to do something great
  4. Deny you of your dream
To them I say



It actually happens more and more each day, people some of which we can’t stand and others which are actually very relevant in our lives instead of cheering us on, encouraging our dreams do the complete opposite. They say its IMPOSSIBLE

But what exactly does that mean? The Word IMPOSSIBLE  Does it actually me something can’t be done? Last time I checked in history the word impossible is not something we can really take seriously since forty years ago if I said that i could send letter half way across the word electronically in the span of seconds people would say its IMPOSSIBLE.. Or that to be able to run a 4 minute mile was also SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE (hmmm…) Or that a the possibilty of an African American President of the United States was IMPOSSIBLE (ahem President Obama ahem)

Now we are in an age where the word IMPOSSIBLE is actually being transvesed to “Im-problable) and with that the POSSIBILTY of achieving something is greatly increased.. I remember when I started a career as a Tarot reader people in the small town I lived in said it was IMPOSSIBLE that I could make a lucrative career reading and teaching tarot. But as of today it has not just become POSSIBLE for me, but for many of the students i’ve taught in Mysterium Philippines..

With this I am challenging each and everyone one of you readers to RE-CONSIDER the things you were told were Impossible and instead ask yourself if they really ARE impossible or just rather difficult.

After all if it is that important to you it wont be easy but it will be one HELL of a ride. If it is your #Intuitive Truth, Bliss or Expression you owe it to yourself to not just re-define it as VERY MUCH possible but instead to make it an every day reality in your life. Who cares if you are not the best at it yet or that there are people who are better than you as of the moment. The time will come if you put in your heart and soul into what to do that YOU will stand on the shoulders of Giants. If you are looking for a way to make this a reality I offer 3 simple guides to see this reality come to pass

  1. MAKE time for your New Intuitive POSSIBILITY what ever it may be
  2. Worry not if it makes money or not. If it feels good to you, do it!
  3. Never let anyone tell you its impossible ever again.

When the time comes, and boy it will Ask your detractors one question….

Would you like some salt with your words???